A warm home for every soldier


Once our brave young men and women have completed their IDF service, it is our duty to facilitate their reintegration to civilian life as productive members of society.

A Warm Home for Every Soldier provides comprehensive solutions for released soldiers. In particular we focus on urgent matters that are not addressed or treated by the IDF. We are a pillar of support for thousands of veterans and their families, lending an ear to their concerns and extending instrumental aid.

The organization works in close cooperation with the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, and the Knesset’s relevant Committees to improve the financial and emotional wellbeing of veterans in need. Concurrently, we initiate collaborations with other nonprofits to leverage our support resources.

We must provide food vouchers of £100–£200 to approximately 500 veterans and their families in need this Pesach. The exact amount will be based on the family’s size and the socio-economic situation.


All donations made in the UK, US and Canada are tax-deductible