About Israel Inspired Giving Fund

Your ONE Charitable Donation Has the Potential To Help MILLIONS of Israelis in Need All Across the Country.

Israel Inspired Giving Fund – Support One…Benefit All

Israel today is a land of remarkable wonders. From the ancient walls of Jerusalem to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv. From the booming high-tech industry to the beautiful landscapes in the North and South, Israel is a proud and incredible country. It is remarkable to think, the progress Israel has made has been accomplished in the less than seven decades.

However, like any progressive nation, Israel still has many needs and plenty of room for growth.

From healthcare, to food security, education, the military and so much more, Israel must continue to strive to meet the needs of it’s always-expanding and diverse population.

In recognising the sheer breadth of the need, we at the Israel Inspired Giving Fund, have developed an innovative approach to giving in support of Israel. As a fund that brings together many of the country’s most valuable and committed charitable organisations, a gift to this project ensures that your contribution will impact and benefit all those in need.

The Israel Inspired Giving Fund is composed of a team of highly-experienced non-profit professionals and philanthropy consultants. Our more than three decades working in the field and an expanding network of contacts enable us to provide a no-cost service to ensure that your giving is as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Through our international partners, Israel Inspire Giving allows donors from the US, UK, and Canada to get full tax deductions for donations to the fund or to selected charities within it, whether made by check, bank transfer, or online by credit card. All funds are channeled directly to the beneficiaries through our partners.

The Israel Inspired Giving Fund believes that the primary focus of the benefactor should be making a lasting impact on Israeli society. Therefore, it is our mission to make the donation process as easy as possible and to ensure your contribution is used in the most advantageous and influential way.

For those wishing to support the fund, all donations will be equally allocated to all the participating organisations to assure you the confidence that you together with all our fund supporters are not simply giving a monetary gift but contributing to the lasting impact each charity has on the Israeli population.

While on the other hand, those who are interested in giving to a specific charity or charities within the fund, we invite you to do so and you may contact us at any time to arrange a customized giving program. For representatives of major trusts and foundations, a representative of the Israel Inspired Giving Fund is available to help best ensure that your contribution will achieve the most meaningful change.

However you give, we invite you to come see the impact of your donation first hand. The Israel Inspired Giving Fund is there to take you on social volunteer tours of the charities you donate to.

On behalf of the countless beneficiaries all over Israel, we thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your commitment to helping strengthen and benefiting our Jewish state.