zAll around the world, communities face a challenge in empowering young people and giving them a sense of purpose and direction to achieve success in their lives. In Israel, one organization, ATARA, is working to confront that challenge by giving disadvantaged youth the tools to make a healthy transition into adulthood.

By providing a pathway for success, the organization embraces a variety of tools and programs that engage young adults. In many cases, this requires literally taking youth “off the streets” and giving them homes and gainful employment to inject the confidence necessary to begin building better lives.

Many of the beneficiaries of Atara’s work are the most disadvantaged in societies, coming from broken homes or abusive families. By age 18, they are out of school and often beyond the reaches of the public welfare system, creating a situation where they will either be forgotten or require the kindness of a friendly supportive environment… That is the job of ATARA.3062259

Each beneficiary is provided a customized program for success including options like:

  • Apprenticeship skills gained from the National Volunteering Service
  • Intense life-skills mentoring
  • Completion of High School Bagrut
  • Home & health care skills
  • Preparation to go to university & job skills