Carmei Ha’ir

Carmei Ha’ir

c21bdf_e362743e45cc49daa37e7abf3b3f6ebc-mv2_d_4256_2832_s_4_2Take a walk through the iconic pathways of the Jerusalem marketplace, the shuk, and you will soon come upon one of the most important welfare organizations operating in the city today – Carmei Ha’ir. Literally meaning the Orchards of the City, Carmei Ha’ir is designed to provide meals to the needy while preserving their dignity.

Appearing to the outside world as a restaurant, each day hundreds of meals are served intended for the growing impoverished population that lives in the Jerusalem area. Many of the beneficiaries of Carmei Ha’ir’s programs are Holocaust survivors who sadly remain under the poverty line.

The organization provides two main programs the first being the “Open Restaurant” which welcomes the needy on site to provide nutritional and wholesome deals to approximately 1,000 people. An additional 2,400 meal packages are distributed and delivered to those who are unable to make their way to the restaurant.

c21bdf_7daf60d70fe242bb83b2ab6fc0bfcf1c-mv2_d_2304_1536_s_2On holiday times, efforts are increased even further when some 4,000 families rely on food packages delivered by Carmei Ha’ir’s staff and volunteers.

Not limited to food support, Carmei Ha’ir also has launched a winter coat program that helps some 1,800 people of all ages be protected from the cold Jerusalem winter.

Throughout all their activities, every effort is made to preserve the dignity and privacy of the beneficiaries.