Create Your Own Sub-Fund

Israel Inspired Giving Sub-Fund

Israel Inspired Giving Fund is – One People – One Cause – One Fund is a global collective charitable fund that supports a host of amazing charities impacting the lives of millions of people on a daily basis across all sectors and ages.

We at Israel Inspired Giving believe in changing the way people give to Israel by making it more personal, accessible and impactful.

Thus, we are inviting you to become part of the Fund by empowering you to create your own sub-fund personalized in the name of your choice whether your community, school, club, special occasion or in memory of a loved one. The sub-funds can consist of all the charities or a select sector or group – the decision is entirely up to you!

Either way, by becoming part of the Fund you are becoming part of the fabric of Israel and joining others from around the globe in collectively making a difference and taking responsibility for Our Israel.

Together we are, One People, One Fund, One Cause.

Create Your Own Sub-Fund

Use this form to submit your details and to let us know more about the sub fund you wish to create. After completing this form, we will contact you shortly to confirm and help you reach your fundraise target.