House of Hope

House of Hope

phoca_thumb_l_mosad1At the House of Hope in Netanya over 100 girls with no alternative place to live are provided a warm, nurturing home in an environment that exudes affection and sense of love for the individual needs of each girl. The girls, who range in age from as young as ten until 18 are blessed to find the House of Hope after Israel’s social services placed them there.

The girls living in the House of Hope traditionally come from broken homes, often with parents who are in prison or facing drug problems so severe that they could no longer care for their children. Sadly many of the girls come to the House of Hope after extended periods of extreme abuse.

While each girl comes to the home with their own personal “baggage”, the dedicated staff works to help them address their challenges and quickly get on the road to a new and safer life. The staff is experienced on creating a sense of security for the girls and ensures that in the House of Hope they have found a new family.

phoca_thumb_l_hugim2The girls learn in local Netanya schools appropriate for their specific level and strengths and then receive extra learning and tutoring in the Home. After school clubs stress recreational enrichment with music, art, dance, exercise, computers, English and writing classes. Individual skills and talents are identified and strengthened to help the girls gain employment in disciplines like hair styling and cosmetic design. With the understanding that many of the girls come from homes where a supportive environment was completely absent, they receive classes in home economics and cooking.

Over the years, thousands of girls can trace their roots to the House of Hope. Given that children come to the House in great distress due to their personal and family histories, we know that none have chosen this option. Every effort is therefore given to them to help them find a home that provides for their physical, social, emotional, psychological and educational needs while best replicating that sense of family that they so need for recovery from their past traumas and to build a new life.

House of Hope is devoted to the well-being of these young women every day of the year, including Shabbat, holidays and vacations.