Israel Youth Village

Israel Youth Village

How does a teenager from a difficult home break out of the cycle of despair?

How does a new immigrant youngster overcome the challenges of going from home to homeland?

THE VILLAGE. Since the establishment of the State of Israel, The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village has been the stepping stone to a better life for thousands of teens ages 12-18. Located in Jerusalem, the Village currently houses over 300 middle and upper-school pupils, and another 200 external pupils.

Our students are multinational, coming from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Morocco, Israel and countries around the world. Students benefit from a quality academic, values-oriented, Jewish-Zionist education, a wide range of enrichment programs and 24/7 support and guidance from the Village’s dedicated staff.

 The broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities including swimming, fencing, dancing, classical, jazz and modern music instruction gives the students vital self-confidence, and the opportunity to develop their personal interests and talents. The critically acclaimed dance and theater troupes perform on a national level, talented musicians have placed in international competitions and two of the Village’s synchronized swimmers were 2012 Olympic contenders.

The Village also encompasses other smaller important schools and programs: The Magshimim School for severely autistic youth; short-term programs for Jewish Diaspora youth; a school for French-speakers; outstanding arts and sports programs an energy-efficient plant nursery and more.