Just One Life

Just One Life

27d4f4_232f240c4663432581a4ed09fb128df3Each and every day in Israel, in a moment of panic and distress, an expectant mother in crisis decides to terminate her pregnancy. To help them understand that other options can always be available, Just One Life offers expectant mothers a helping hand to guide them through the months of pregnancy and beyond.

On a daily basis expectant mothers from all walks of society considering terminating their pregnancy are referred to Just One Life. Almost all the women describe enormous financial stress or other trauma as the cause that has brought them to this point. Almost all want to keep their babies but they feel that termination is the only reasonable decision available to them.

Just One Life provides help in two ways. Their professional staff provides ongoing supportive and emotional counseling together and where necessary financial support to alleviate the economic stress which is influencing their decision.

27d4f4_775bae86f2a24df5847aeb3b64d11eccA common situation encountered by the organization is that of a married woman with 2 children, working more than one job but whose family is barely able to feed and clothe their children. The mother knows she must cut back on her hours while pregnant but this will harm her children so she now feels she has no choice but to terminate her pregnancy. Just One Life provides the financial support so that she can cut back on her work hours while pregnant without the family suffering enabling her to keep her baby.

Each year Just One Life is able to help about 1,000 women, each costing an average 7,000 shekel. While the organization tries to make itself available to every woman and family in need, financial limitations don’t always make that possible.

Your support is therefore that much more crucial in ensuring that their work can continue and that many more lives can be saved.