Kav Lachayim

Kav Lachayim

Kav Lachayim is a social association founded in 1989. Its purpose is to provide solutions to children with complex disabilities and rare syndromes.

The backbone of the association relies on hundreds of volunteers – youth and civil – who fit into the daily aid for the sick and disabled in Israel.

Over the years, tens of thousands of citizens have joined the association – youth, professionals and public figures – who are partners to the association’s path and success.

The children, aged from 6 to 21, suffer from severe and complex disabilities, for example: C.P. muscular dystrophy, brain damage, etc .

Most of the children also suffer from mobility problems.untitled-1

The association cares for children from all the ethnic groups in Israel, including the Israeli peripheral areas.

The association’s volunteers assist in organizing and carrying out major events throughout the year, such as holiday camps, trips, parties and more.

The volunteers are engaged in activities that include welcome logistical support, management, production, safety, medicals, etc.

Instructors – Volunteers

The association is blessed with thousands of youth from the national-religious camp, aged 17-25, from across the country, who are engaged all year round in instruction, guidance, mental and physical support for children.

The ongoing dialogue between healthy young volunteers and their young and sick fellow children is very important to the children’s quality of life, and creates an encounter with a social and ethical resilience, which strengthens all parties.

The volunteers join the children in all the activities and keep in close contact with them throughout the year, whether at the residency, schools and during the hospital stay.