Like much of the Western world, Israel has an aging population which presents many new social and practical challenges. One of the most pressing, and one which affects hundreds of thousands of families, is assisting parents and friends coping with the onset of dementia and related disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. This task has become the work of the Melabev organization which seeks to provide a full range of essential services to directly assist dementia patients and aid their families and caregivers.beit-melabev-front

Operating from a network of Day-Care Centres, Melabev provides a social and therapeutic framework in which the participants maximize the use of their remaining skills in a nurturing and warm environment. Activities and therapies include dance & movement; music & singing and art & craft. Everything is performed in a loving and caring atmosphere by highly skilled staff and volunteers.

“Melabev At Home” brings into the individual’s home many of the therapeutic treatments previously only available in the Day-Care Centres. This service is also available in many elderly-care facilities around the country.

The Melabev Moked 109 service maintains regular contact with elderly people living on their own by calling them up at set times.

The Melabev Assesimg_00961sment Clinic diagnoses all people wishing to attend Melabev to understand the type and level of their dementia and at the same time ensures that all people suffering from a different condition gain the appropriate treatment.

Melabev cares for 400 elderly clients on a daily basis in the Day-Care Centres and a further 60 per day receive the “At Home” service.

By supporting Melabev you are demonstrating your care for the aged population and ensuring that even if they are beginning to forget, they have not been forgotten…