Misholim – The Jerusalem Expressive Arts Therapy Center provides therapy and training in music, art, sculpture, drama, movement, playing and bibliotherapy to troubled children suffering from emotional and communication disorders.

In order to best ensure that the therapy will lead to a long-term positive result for the child and their parents also must attend regular, in-house counseling along with the programming for the children.

childrenplayingChildren are referred to Misholim from their Health Service provider, social services, psychologists, hospitals and local schools.

Misholim works with disorders from three directions. Children suffering from:

  • Neurological deficiencies such as Autism, Hyper Active behavior, sickness or from the side-effect of a treatment.
  • Family issues in need of emotional therapy such as parents with mental disorders or divorce.
  • Trauma such as loss of immediate family member, severe accident, or victims of terror

The troubles that Misholim work to address and help overcome include:

  • Low or none existent self-confidence or esteem
  • Extreme introvert, closed in, living in fear
  • Extreme extrovert, aggressive, angry

Professional care is provided on a weekly basis in a group context allowing the children to develop their identity and self-esteem in the presence of others.

Little girl creating toys from play doughMisholim understands that best results are achieved over time and therefore treatment is provided at each child’s pace. Misholim’s program is geared to achieving a long-term improvement of the child’s complete mental wellbeing helping in their ability to socially interact, their schooling and taking them forward into adulthood.