Netzach Yehuda

Netzach Yehuda

Amidst what has unfortunately become one of the most publicly debated issues in Israeli society of religious enrollment in the IDF, the Netzach Yehuda program has slowly become one of the most important units in the Israeli army, proving without a doubt that religious values and lifestyle can co-exist within the IDF.


With a specific goal of allowing soldiers to uphold a completely observant lifestyle while making this most worthy of commitments to their country, this army program was developed by Rabbis and the army High Command and is supported in its implementation by the Defence Minister and on down through the military and governmental ranks.

The Israeli army is set up as a standardized service for all of Israel’s soldiers. In a diverse society with people coming from all backgrounds, the army operates at a religious level appropriate to its serving population.

Netzach Yehuda acts as a charitable organization authorized to provide the extra nahalharedipeaceservices to enable a higher level of religious observance within the specific battalions for the Religiously Orthodox recruits.

Netzach Yehuda is there by the side of these soldiers from the day of their recruitment throughout their service supporting thus ensuring that no compromises are made enabling these soldiers to serve free of worry that their religious convictions are being compromised in any way.

After completion of services, Netzach Yehuda provides appropriate educational programs that will enable them the smooth integration into civil life and to be gainfully employed.

Netzach Yehuda has dramatically improved the coexistence of the different societies, religious and non-religious, within Israel by enabling a sharing of responsibilities within Israel. Each year more and more Religiously Orthodox cadets enter the army . Their enrolment serves not just to support the IDF’s manpower but has strengthened the sense of national unity with the appreciation of army service from Haredi sector of the population. Netzach Yehuda has grown to keep up with the pace of the increasing recruits and is the key factor that has made this continual growth in recruitment possible.

Netzach Yehuda currently has 2,000 active soldiers and 500 reserve soldiers with most of its activities supported by charitable giving. By supporting Netzach Yehuda you are sending a clear message to the people of Israel that a strictly religious lifestyle is in no ways contradictory to army service and that in fact, military service for the modern state of the Jewish people is an ideal modern representation of the sanctification of God’s name.

Netzach Yehuda is a wholly separate charitable organization from the Israeli army IDF and has no involvement in the operations of the army. Netzach Yehuda is only involved in matters of religious Jewish beliefs such as dietary & spiritual matters & guidance, prayers. The army does not provide any funding to the organization since it must stand and remain separate from the army. As such it is considered a charity in Israel and internationally. nahalharedi2