Israel Inspired Giving Poverty Fund

Israel Inspired Giving Poverty Fund

Poverty Fund

22% of Israelis live below the poverty line

The Israel Inspired Giving Poverty Fund reaches the most needy and desperate across all sectors of Israeli society – ensuring that where possible no one from Holocaust Survivors, Elderly, Widows, Orphans, Immigrants, Families, Soldiers and children continue to live life without hope.

Living with hunger as a daily struggle is devastating, yet for over 400,000 families, 1.7 million Israeli citizens, hunger is the daily reality of their lives. Among them are more than 776,000 small children.

Hunger is a vicious cycle, impairing a person’s ability to function in every arena of life. Constant hunger makes it hard to get a job, be a competent parent, or even to maintain a marriage. For children, hunger makes it difficult to learn or to get along with classmates in school. Hunger, broken homes, failure in school and crime often go hand in hand.

With Israel Inspired Giving Poverty Fund, your support can break the poverty cycle

The fund was set up to ensure that through working daily with organisations throughout Israel we can ensure and take full responsibility that 100% of your donation reaches the most needy and desperate individuals and families throughout Israel.