The PUAH Institute, is both the national and international helpline  in all matters relating to infertility, working each year with thousands of couples through this difficult challenge. As a result of PUAH’s efforts and guidance, many previously infertile couples have been blessed with a child.


Infertility is a challenge for nearly one in every six couples hoping to conceive. It is particularly painful for Jewish couples for whom parenthood is viewed as both a gift and fulfillment of a Torah commandment. The PUAH Institute recognizes this burning desire and pain in the hearts of infertile couples and works with them on a variety of levels to present practical advice and guidance.

Staff members have an extensive breadth of knowledge enabling the Institute to handle everything from complicated medical inquiries to relevant and often complex halachic questions. Couples receive the Institute’s expertise in a private and compassionate environment conducive to their needs.

PUAH also shares their professional expertise through a wide variety of lectures, seminars and training courses given to communal rabbis, physicians and healthcare providers.

By supporting PUAH you are helping provide couples with the gift of life.3