Yad Eliezer – Widows & Orphans Fund

Yad Eliezer – Widows & Orphans Fund

Yad Eliezer Widows & Orphans Fund cares for over 700 families where one parent has passed away leaving a widow and orphans who cannot survive without assistance.

13_56A terror victim, a car accident, a heart attack, or lengthy illness, all resulting in the death of a spouse or parent and devastating the family forever. The remaining parent is now burdened with being the only one providing both financial and emotional support for the entire family.

For many of Israel’s widows and orphans, the pain of their loss is compounded by the daily struggle to keep a roof over their families’ heads. Though one of the primary breadwinners is gone, bills still come and rent still needs to be paid. Lives that have been broken take some time to put back together, but when survival is a daily struggle, healing becomes impossible.

Yad Eliezer works to ease the economic and emotional burden of bereaved families, instilling a measure of financial reliability and security for those struggling to rebuild their 13_57lives and homes. Yad Eliezer provides assistance to widowed mothers while giving their children the resources to grow and develop alongside their peers.

In 2015 the program was able to help over 600 broken families but the number only continues to rise and the expectation is that this year the will be called on to assist a least 100 more broken families. Yad Eliezer needs your help now more than ever to assist all of the broken families.