Zion Blumenthal Orphanage

Zion Blumenthal Orphanage

Zion Blumenthal Orphanage, founded in 1899, is the oldest active Jewish boy’s orphanage in the world.

play_therapyTheir founder, Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal, pioneered for modern Israel the practice of providing homeless boys with not just a place of refuge, but a home that provides them with the warmth, care and support of a loving family and the tools to become self-supportive members of society. Today, the orphanage cares for over 130 boys aged between 7 and 19. Most of the staff live in the orphanage with these boys, including five married couples, each of whom manages their own family unit.

Replacing the dormitory arrangement of the orphanage with these family units in 2009 has since revolutionized the care that each Zion boy receives. Today, all 130 + boys now live in a real family setting.

kids_playingThe home provides the boys with extra study time as well as activities within a sports center, game room, arts & craft and music.

The Orphanage works in every way possible to ensure that these boys are receiving not just a home but a sense of real family and support. Through your generosity, this can become possible.